as i am so fond of saying…


further, as i am so fond of saying, i am less a fan of capitalism and democracy by the day. not that they’re not the best chance we’ve got at civilized society (at least while human beings are in charge), but we are making the worst of both systems with increasing speed and efficiency. anytime you’re ready to go start that country we’ve been talking about, i’m there.

i’m almost past asking how long it will take for the citizens of our cities, states, and country, to become so enraged by the abuses of the current system to overthrow its heavy hitters. rather, i’m beginning to think the question might be more appropriately phrased thusly: are the citizens so deeply engulfed in their own nullity and crushed by a system that would rather they did not exist to even allow for the possibility of reform? sadly, i don’t know anymore. ennui is not strong enough a word.

again, as i have also said before, i’m a big fan of the apocalypse. and if i’m right, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. as a people, we have stooped quite low, and we’ve got a bad back; how can we hope to get up again?


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